Yin Yogassage
with Catherine Vallance (Cat)

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Yin Yoga is a relaxing and restorative practice that targets the deeper connective tissues of the body such as the ligaments, tendons, fascia and bones. Challenging both the body and the mind, a typical Yin practice involves relaxing into poses for a lengthier period of time to allow the full benefits of this deep opening to seep into the more rigid parts of the body. Yin Yogassage is an uplifting exploration of self through sensory awareness with light hands-on massage to enhance the experience. Side effects may include a serene sense of renewal and a warm and cozy glow, inside and out. Ideal for those seeking to avoid injury, support injury rehabilitation and increase range of motion.

  • Thursdays from 7:45pm - 8:45pm
  • 7$ - $15 by donation
  • Studio A
  • Water & water bottle
  • Anything comfortable that you feel could help support you in your practice (yoga blocks, bolsters, blankets, or towels)
  • Attire that permits easy movement
  • Beginner friendly class with most fitness levels welcome
  • I am not a Yoga Therapist and therefore am neither liable for injury that may happen in class, nor would it be reasonable to expect the class to heal any injuries. Please listen to your body by responding to sensory indicators in a timely manner and seek help from medical professionals if need be.