Matthew Harrison

Beginner Aerial Hoop/LYRA

Matthew Harrison began as a martial arts practitioner at the age of 5 in Fort McMurray, Alberta starting with Goju Ryu Karate and eventually moving on to other disciplines such as Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Systema, Wushu and Filipino martial arts. He eventually lost interest in training for sport and competition, and instead shifting his focus on movement as expression. This led Matthew to discover his passion for dance and flow arts in Victoria, BC in his early 20s, and eventually his love for circus after watching an elegant yet powerful display of strength and grace by an aerialist in Las Vegas.

Some of the dance styles he is familiar with are capoeira, ballet and swing dance, and can be seen performing at a variety of different shows in Victoria and Vancouver on pole, lyra and aerial silks.

Ever since Matthew has first started learning aerial arts, it has changed his life, completely transforming his attitude about strength training, body awareness and flexibility. It is such a fantastic rush that he wants everybody to experience! He has a friendly, encouraging attitude with a great emphasis on training safely and truely believes that ordinary people can be capable of extraordinary things through hard work, passion and training safely.

When Matthew is not dancing while suspended in the air, he can be seen riding his motorcycle or locked away in his blacksmith shop.