Lauren Wills

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lauren wills

(250) 889-6087

  • Aerial Yoga
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Erotic Dance
  • Fusion Belly Dance

Lauren Wills works as a RMT in Victoria, she loves to bring her knowledge of the human body into the warm ups & cool downs of her classes. Lauren is a determined young lady, who is more than willing to put the time, effort, and energy into her fitness classes. She has always believed in and promoted a healthy lifestyle. Lauren believes that everyone should be graced with a balanced mind and body. Which sounds easier then it is, she knows how easily going to class can be put off or ignored. Lauren always dreamed of flamenco and belly dancing as a child but never could gather up the guts to enroll. She was far to shy (as loud as she may have seemed) to step foot into a public dance or fitness class. The only team sport she played was rugby and that took some getting use to. The first 3 months of belly dancing she could see herself in the studio mirror shaking from nerves. Just to be around such a large group of woman, revealing a side of her she had never let out. It showed a softer, gentle, uncomfortable, and very vulnerable side of her she had hidden away. It took a lot of painful mental chatter for Lauren to feel comfortable in a “fitness” setting. However now she loves dancing, working out, performing and her body with no regret but ONE! She wish’s she would have done dance earlier in life. One of her main passions is seeing woman explore myself’s, their body’s & their comfort levels. The friendship’s she gets to watch development between class mates as walls crumble down, leaves her wanting this job forever. Fear is a beautiful thing and is always worth it.