Jenna Sheffield


Jenn has always been an athlete, in one form or another! Starting as a dancer at age 3, Jenn couldn't get enough of the stage and spent a lot of years in dance and other competitive sports. Through dance, Jenn started a yoga practice as a teenager. It was a few years later when Jenn was struggling to shed excess weight, that she found yoga again. After losing the first 100lbs, Jenn returned to competitive dance and decided to teach yoga! Jenn has inspired others with her motivation and drive; losing 200lbs total and running her first 10k, half marathon and will soon be diving into Spin instructor training; and that’s just in 2017! Jenn’s personal fitness mantra is: everyday is a new opportunity to reach a personal best!

Jenn looks forward to practicing with you at Amethyst Dance & Fitness!!