Magdaleine Alice

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Magdaleine is an inspired performer, yoga instructor, herbalist, and anthropologist. From a young age she has enjoyed dance, movement and music as powerful vehicles of expression. While growing up Magdaleine received formal dance training for more than ten years. After a period shifting gears, she is excited to have found her way back into the studio, this time with more space for her own style to come through alongside the eclectic Made in Alchemy crew. As a core member of Made in Alchemy, she is continually exploring the relationship between breath, body, movement and soul. During her double major at the University of Victoria in environmental studies and anthropology her focus was primarily on ethnobotany where, in the classroom and beyond, she explored the relationship between people and plants. Her passion for healing has intertwined with her studies and fueled her devotion to wild-crafting food and medicine. From her connection to the wild Madeleine weaves an alchemical artistry through which she hopes to inspire social change by embodying a bridge to natural rhythms.